A Weighty Issue

'Diets' are boring! Even the word 'diet' itself is surrounded by negativity and we humans seem to be psychologically geared to have a negative reaction any time the word is uttered!

We perceive a period of 'dieting' as a time of misery and self denial which for the majority will result in nothing but failure and a return to former habits....... a vicious circle of self loathing and yo-yoing ensues and we end up putting those excess pounds back on and then some!
Every 'new year' we are bombarded with ads for this slimming club, that new weight management programme, gym memberships discounts here and 'boot camps' there, and of course the television is riddled with plenty of 'famous' people who can tell us where it all went wrong....but don't ask them about the liposuction, the tummy tuck or butt lift they had, or the personal chef, trainer and nutritionist who makes sure they never even have to think about their next meal never mind shop for it or cook it!......and don't forget to buy the book or the workout dvd....of course!.....but never mind, by the time Easter and the annual festival of chocolate worship comes around all will be forgotten, but according to media sources, by the 17th of January most people will have lost the will to continue anyway as normal life takes over once more and we revert to 'business as usual'.