What began as a mild cold just before Christmas, has now developed into an extremely uncomfortable chest infection requiring antibiotics and copious amounts of rest, hence my absence from the digital culinary world.

It's at times like these, when I have little or no appetite and even less sensation in my taste buds, that I can truly be thankful that I am ordinarily able to fully enjoy natures greatest gifts while so many are not due illness or other health reasons or even financial constraints.

As ever I will maintain that 'fresh is best' and is always cheaper! and I hope to soon be putting my palate through its paces once more inventing some new recipes and reviving some old classics for the new era.

The way things are going though, by the time I recover, all turkey, duck, goose and the party food and drinks of new years eve, of which I will not be partaking, will be a distant memory and we will all be trying to keep to all the new resolutions of eating a touch lighter and a little bit until then my dear friends, I wish you all a most healthful and happy new year......may your pots never burn, may your tables be laden with memorable meals, and your friends and family be ever near........adieu 2015!