Countdown To Christmas Part II ......... Christmas Cake!

If you missed PART I of the Countdown to Christmas click  HERE!

great grandma AnnaOur family recipe for Christmas cake has been handed down through 3 generations.

It was the recipe my mother always used that was passed down from my grandmother and which probably came from her mother too.......all in that makes it roughly about 100 years old, times may change yet good recipes seldom do and now all members of the extended family who bake for Christmas use this also makes a fine cake for a wedding!

The only change that has been made to the original recipe is the swapping of walnuts for pecans, personally I am not a walnut fan although I do love a good coffee and walnut cake which I will pick the walnuts out of......I like the flavour, just not the actual nut.......which seems strange as pecans are every similar in texture.

Pecans are a firm favourite in our family, that's the american coming out in us I suppose........ we do love a good pecan pie! that's another family recipe that will see the light of day on here too no doubt!
Pecans have come down in price significantly in the last few years, in line with their rise in popularity I'd suppose, and are available even in 'economy' supermarkets.