Get Ready For National Bread Week!

Yes it's National Bread Week.... beginning tomorrow!

2014 was the first year that Ireland held a national bread week, I don't remember where I was or what I was doing, no doubt I was up to my elbows in a 32 pint pot somewhere, but somehow I missed bad!....but this year there is no excuse!

National Bread Week has been highly publicised and fair play to Bord Bia and the FCBA which is the Flour, Confectioners and Bakers Association, it looks like it's going to be a good'un!
you can find out more about National Bread Week  HERE!

So get to know your fruit soda from your barmbrack, your boxty from your farl and learn to 'love your loaf'!
I will be posting a recipe a day of our family favourites so if you'd like to bake along with me I recommend you stock up on the following:
for basic scone and traditional Irish breads:
plain fourwholemeal flourporridge oatsbaking powder & baking sodabutter & baking margarine....the firm vegetable fat kind!castor sugareggsmilk & buttermilkpotatoes.... you can't make 'fadge' without them!
for fruit breads:
sultanas, raisins or mixed dried fruit, glacé cherriesmixed spicelight soft brown sugaryour favourite tea.....yes tea!
for something a little more exotic.....yeast breads:strong bread flour white & wholemeal or ryesunflower seeds olive oil...not extra virgin
don't forget your apron!