Get Stuffed! ........Cheesy Chicken To Fill You Up!

The problem with trying to lose weight in the traditional manner, that is, by controlling calorie intake..... 'calories in must be less than calories out' .......and eating a low fat diet...which we now know is NOT a good idea!....may worked well for some people for a certain period of time, but alas, as soon as there was a return to 'normal' eating, any weight lost usually returned with a vengeance and dragging a few extra pounds with it.....and so we have the 'yo-yo' diet.....disheartening and frustrating!

Psychologically, it seems, that part of being a human means that whatever we are doing without prays on our minds constantly, and so we are subject to cravings once more......we always seem to want what we can't have.......or rather shouldn't have!

However, eating in the keto style turns this 'calorie restriction = weight-loss' theory on its head and allows us to what could been deemed as 'indulging' and enjoy a diet so high in fat it would give a low fat guru a stroke just thinking about it! This method of eating controls, or even eliminates from our food choices, those carbohydrates that fluctuate our blood glucose levels leaving us hungry and craving even more.