Little Pots.....little Pots Of Chocolate!

Sometimes you just need chocolate! and after the crazy post holiday week I've had....I definitely need CHOCOLATE!

And what better way to kill two in my needs and a dessert for tomorrows Sunday lunch, than to indulge in some 'scelerisque' that's latin for chocolate by the way....note the word 'risque' is in in too much is 'risqué' on the hips!....eater beware!

So a quick and easy dessert to whip up is my little pots of chocolate, which aren't exactly served up in little pots, but that's how the French used to serve this kind of thing, so there's the history behind that!

This is a delectable, rich, dark, bitter, intense, 'sinful' dessert with lots of flavor....indulge at leisure!