Perfect Pithiviers....or.....The Easiest Apple Pie!

So you've taken advantage of that marvelous supermarket bargain and bought a load of apples for half the price of what they usually cost or there was that B.O.G.O.F bargain where you bought one bag and got another one free....sounds great at the time especially if the family love apples!

A few days pass and although the family may have have eaten quite a few sometimes they go for days and not fancy anything from the fruit bowl, so there you are with a dearth of apples that nobody seems to be eating and the skin is beginning to wrinkle on them.
You may even be in the lucky position to have some apples trees of your own and have stored your harvest conscientiously over the winter but at this time of year the previous harvests apples are getting 'old' so if you can't make apple jelly or don't want to prepare them for the freezer then why not make pie!
'But I don't want to go to the whole bother of making a big batch of pastry' I hear you say...all that rolling out of dough and lining of pie tins, unless you are a well seasoned cook, can seem like a chore, but here is an excellent way to make pie that is just as tasty and suitable for the freezer if you don't want to bake them straight away.