Post 229 Tree Structure - UK Visit #2 - Mid Divided Trunks

Here are some more trees from my UK trip, and the Bonsai Foundations sketch of various trunk division models.

When grown out in the open a tree does not face the pressure, proximity and competition of other trees and it is more likely to break out of the dominant single trunk model. This one has divided close to where the first branches emerge. It is almost a natural broom style except that the divided trunks divide further still. It has a nicely rounded canopy, shared by many branches.

This is one of the more attractive in this post set. It has complex ramification, great movement, fan architecture and a great rounded form.

In bonsai we take natural patterns and improve on them to create an idealized model. In this tree there are a number of visual conflicts in branch directions, if it were a bonsai. But if you visually filter out those distractions (two in particular) the balance of the composition with a divided trunk is an interesting useful model for authentic design.